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The Only Mystery In Vermillion, South Dakota | The Hairpin

The Only Mystery In Vermillion, South Dakota | The ...

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Being Maleficent

May 15, 2014 ... By Lyz Lenz | May 15, 2014. We were a motley band of homeschoolers, playing on a sunny back porch while our mothers had a Bible study ......

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The Hairpin Is Looking for Interns

Dear Readers, Our site is growing, thanks to you, so we're offering three unpaid internships beginning in November. We're looking for interns in New York and Los Angeles to work short, flexible hours, one or two days a week, on a variety of Hairpin-related projects (writing opportunities included). We're also...

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In the Walls

In 2007, contractor Bob Kinghorn pulled a mummified baby from the floorboards of a home in East Toronto. The baby was wrapped in newsprint dated September 12, 1925, and when Kinghorn unwittingly unswaddled the baby, he was furious. "No! No! No! I got mad, threw off my headgear, kicked something...

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“Recluse Heiress” Huguette Clark’s Fascinating Obituary

"Mrs. Clark was from her 30s onward an antisocial socialite, an enigmatic figure whose closest companions were her mother and her dolls." The whole thing is incredible, but if you're stingy with NYT pageviews, a few of the best parts are below. (Her $24 million Connecticut mansion is also for...

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A Goodbye to Content Farms

Everyone's talking about content farms these days. But for those of you who aren't talking about them, content farms are websites that look at Google trends and then quickly tailor and create content for users searching these topics. For instance, “What Time Does the Superbowl Start?” (if it’s a news...