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Secret lives article
Pacific Standard

The Secret Lives of Women Online

Private Facebook groups are a new way for women to find sanctuary online, but the consequences of honesty can be dire.

161007 american gothic 2 article

America’s sexist history of holding women accountable for their husbands

Why is Hillary being held accountable for Bill?

Hillary bill clinton 620x412 article

The Clintons' Christian marriage: The staggering Evangelical ...

Divorce is bad, argue Christian leaders. And yet the Clintons are judged moral failures for staying together

Internet banging article
The Daily Dot

Gangs, guns, and tweets: The rise of 'internet banging' | The Daily Dot

Recent research suggests that gang clashes have moved online—and with profound intensity.

Wine mom memes article
She Knows

Enough with 'Wine Mom:' We're real people, not memes

Why is a mom actually asserting her humanity considered refreshing and real and worthy of all the LOLs?

Momblogslabor article
The Daily Dot

Is Creating 'Mommy Blog' Content the New Child Labor?

1 in 7 moms in America are bloggers—but how does that affect their kids?

Marawilson article
The Daily Dot

Mara Wilson: How Being a Child Actor Is A Lot Like Being an Adult on Twitter

The new author talks about her book, public grief, and how fans help her fight online harassment.

Jokemommywars article
The Daily Dot

How a Joke Adultery Post Left a Facebook Mom Group Fearing for its Life

Harassers refused to see it as satire—and the group has since shuttered.

Disneycruise article

My Beautiful Shit-Denying Twisted Fantasy of a Disney Cruise

I went on a magical vacation and thought about murder.

Rings article
The Washington Post

'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' told me to stay pure until marriage. I still ...

On the legacy of purity culture

Moby dick article

Our Language is Ever Updating, But Meaning Remains | Literary Hub


Crowdfunding article
The Daily Dot

Is crowdfunding the new church?

Once the role of churches, helping families in need—and more progressive causes—has become easier through online donation campaigns.

Valentitroll article
The Daily Dot

Inside the psyche of a troll who threatens a child | The Daily Dot

Writer Jessica Valenti quit Twitter after her daughter received a rape threat—but what causes even the worst troll to cross that line?

Mylikesfacebook article
The Daily Dot

That Viral Photo of a Disabled Baby Is Likely a Money-Making Scam

Facebook users appear to be stealing images of children to earn dollars through clicks.