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Pam colloff e1487943867463 1300x500 article
Columbia Journalism Review

How Pamela Colloff became the best damn writer in Texas ...

In terms of the rarity of her toolkit, she is like a unicorn, chased by chupacabra, eaten by Bigfoot. She is just an amazing person in every respect.”

Iowa article
The Village Voice

Gladbrook, Iowa

Where Buildings Keep Burning But Matchsticks Remain

Austin article
Columbia Journalism Review

New editor in chief takes Texas Monthly in a 'lifestyle' direction

"Texans don't care about politics."

Eleanor roosevelt article
Pacific Standard

What Eleanor Roosevelt Can Teach Us About Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

The parallels between America’s 32nd and 42nd first ladies are hard to push aside. In 2016, would Roosevelt still believe that America isn’t ready for a female president?

Baseballespn article

How Ernest Hemingway taught me to love baseball

In college, when I began dating the man who would become my husband, he told me that his family loved baseball.

"Okay," I said, treating the news as if he'd said they all liked the color blue -- a fine distinguishing characteristic, but nothing that had anything to do with me.

Strangers in their own land article
National Book Foundation

Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American ...

Interview with Arlie Russell Hochschild:

Unprepared for hrc article
Marie Claire

Hillary Clinton Loss 2016 - What This Election Says About Misogyny

As a nation, we gravely underestimated the toxic hybrid of sexism and racism, even though it has been there all along.

Marieclaire2 article
Marie Claire

These Donald Trump Supporters Are Going to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Meet the Evangelical Christian women resolved to go behind the backs of their families, friends, and pastors to break party lines.

Mother child article
The Daily Dot

How to Talk to Your Children About a Trump Presidency | The Daily ...

You told your daughter she could be president, you told your son love wins—now what?

Ghosts 006 article

Why We Love to Be Haunted


Secret lives article
Pacific Standard

The Secret Lives of Women Online

Private Facebook groups are a new way for women to find sanctuary online, but the consequences of honesty can be dire.

161007 american gothic 2 article

America’s sexist history of holding women accountable for their husbands

Why is Hillary being held accountable for Bill?

Hillary bill clinton 620x412 article

The Clintons' Christian marriage: The staggering Evangelical ...

Divorce is bad, argue Christian leaders. And yet the Clintons are judged moral failures for staying together

Internet banging article
The Daily Dot

Gangs, guns, and tweets: The rise of 'internet banging' | The Daily Dot

Recent research suggests that gang clashes have moved online—and with profound intensity.

Wine mom memes article
She Knows

Enough with 'Wine Mom:' We're real people, not memes

Why is a mom actually asserting her humanity considered refreshing and real and worthy of all the LOLs?