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Eleanor roosevelt article
Pacific Standard

What Eleanor Roosevelt Can Teach Us About Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

The parallels between America’s 32nd and 42nd first ladies are hard to push aside. In 2016, would Roosevelt still believe that America isn’t ready for a female president?

Secret lives article
Pacific Standard

The Secret Lives of Women Online

Private Facebook groups are a new way for women to find sanctuary online, but the consequences of honesty can be dire.

Coombes article
Pacific Standard

‘The Wicked Boy’ and the Capacity for Criminal Rehabilitation — Pacific Standard

Kate Summerscale’s new book is a vivid portrait of how one sensational murder roiled Victorian England. The real story, though, is that of the murderer’s rehabilitation.

Hillarystory article
Pacific Standard

How America Almost Elected a 13-Year-Old Girl as President — Pacific Standard

Growing up as a girl in an Evangelical world dominated by men, patriotism — or at least a desire for executive power — offered me a way out.

Appstory article
Pacific Standard

These 12 Apps Will Revolutionize Motherhood, Except They Won’t — Pacific Standard

Apps such as TaskRabbit and Zum are trying to create a revolution for women’s domestic work. The problem is that each wave of new home technology tends to reinforce the old hierarchies.

Noah story article
Pacific Standard

Learning to Talk With Noah - Pacific Standard

The stories I most want to know are locked inside my brother Noah.

Oakgrove article
Pacific Standard

The Death of the Midwestern Church - Pacific Standard

Rural neighborhood churches, once the heart of many Iowan communities, are disappearing along with local schools. The result is a tear in the social fabric of life in the Midwest.

Psmagimage article
Pacific Standard

Growing Up With White Paranoia: Persecution vs. Privilege - Pacific ...

Growing Up With White Paranoia: Persecution vs. Pri...

Mti4mjc2ndaxnzywntuyotcw article
Pacific Standard

A Brief History of Dwarfism

Understanding the desire to cure dwarfism requires an understanding of its fraught history.