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Mother child article
The Daily Dot

How to Talk to Your Children About a Trump Presidency | The Daily ...

You told your daughter she could be president, you told your son love wins—now what?

Internet banging article
The Daily Dot

Gangs, guns, and tweets: The rise of 'internet banging' | The Daily Dot

Recent research suggests that gang clashes have moved online—and with profound intensity.

Momblogslabor article
The Daily Dot

Is Creating 'Mommy Blog' Content the New Child Labor?

1 in 7 moms in America are bloggers—but how does that affect their kids?

Marawilson article
The Daily Dot

Mara Wilson: How Being a Child Actor Is A Lot Like Being an Adult on Twitter

The new author talks about her book, public grief, and how fans help her fight online harassment.

Jokemommywars article
The Daily Dot

How a Joke Adultery Post Left a Facebook Mom Group Fearing for its Life

Harassers refused to see it as satire—and the group has since shuttered.

Crowdfunding article
The Daily Dot

Is crowdfunding the new church?

Once the role of churches, helping families in need—and more progressive causes—has become easier through online donation campaigns.

Valentitroll article
The Daily Dot

Inside the psyche of a troll who threatens a child | The Daily Dot

Writer Jessica Valenti quit Twitter after her daughter received a rape threat—but what causes even the worst troll to cross that line?

Mylikesfacebook article
The Daily Dot

That Viral Photo of a Disabled Baby Is Likely a Money-Making Scam

Facebook users appear to be stealing images of children to earn dollars through clicks.

Deafculture article
The Daily Dot

Not everyone is charmed by those videos of babies hearing for the ...

Are they cute videos that celebrate connection—or do they glorify ableism?

Orlando article
The Daily Dot

Why you need to talk to your kids about the Orlando shooting | The ...

It's better that they hear it from you than from school or social media.

Craiglistguy article
The Daily Dot

We tracked down the Craigslist man who needed 'a feminist tutor

He also has a criminal record.

Amandalauren article
The Daily Dot

xoJane essayist says she's not sorry for writing about her friend's death

Amanda Lauren tells the Daily Dot she's just misunderstood.

Angrywomen article
The Daily Dot

How women are owning the right to their anger on Twitter | The Daily ...

Women are finding solidarity and validation on social media and we are here for it.