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Lyz Lenz

Managing editor of the Rumpus.


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Raashanai's story: the dark side of home-schooling

When Raashanai Coley died of severe abuse at the age of 10, neighbors did not even know she lived at her mother’s Illinois home. Taken out of public school, there was no one to check on her wellbeing. Her story, sadly, is not unique

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Seeing the divine in our genetic anomalies

People have interpreted anomalies in babies as messages from God for centuries, and modern scientists are attempting to link genetic differences to our chemical-laced lifestyles. These overlook one simple fact: the human life before them

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That moment when you realise you have become your own mother

Why can’t we seem to escape the maternal grasp? Beyond the inevitable pull of DNA, mimicking our parents is a response that is deeply embedded in our brains

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Lyz Lenz | The Guardian

Lyz Lenz writes about the science of cosmetics for Jezebel's beauty site Millihelen. She has also written for Pacific Standard, Aeon and the New York Times Motherlode. You can find her on Twitter @lyzl...

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Lena Dunham's newsletter is a victory for the letter-writing renaissance

With their newsletter, Dunham and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner will join a growing number of writers wanting to connect with intimate communities...